Kim Dror, fashion and textile designer.

I established "Kimka Studio", a clothing and lifestyle brand where I design and create clothes, accessories, and home decorations, among them hand-made felted soap bars and hand-dyed scarves.  The brand is characterized by the use of indigo, a vivid blue-hued pigment which I have been using to produce both traditional and innovative textiles since my first collection as a graduate in fashion design studies.

After finishing my studies at the NB School of Design, I traveled to Japan in search of the indigo's unique blue. In Japan, I learned from local masters the intricacies of traditional techniques of dyeing and processing textiles.  The modern use of indigo in the denim fabric has inspired me to combine hand-dyeing and industrial stonewashed textiles. Once I returned from Japan, I began creating clothing collections combining denim work-wear with ethnic silhouettes originating from worldwide indigo cultures.

Today I focus on the local production of unique and high-quality products made of custom imported fabrics. My work can be found in specific venues in Israel and abroad, and in my Haifa studio where I meet clients in person.

In addition to working as a fashion designer and a professor at my alma mater, I participate in design entrepreneurships and teach felting, dyeing, and indigo culture workshops.

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